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Image by Carlos Delgado


Celebrate The Sacred

  • Host our first annual (2022) VAG CON on a virtual platform to captivate an International audience.

  • Invite experts from various industries related to women’s leadership, health, wellness, spirituality, and creativity.

  • Choose a diverse group of leaders/practitioners/artists who will educate through interactive mini-workshops, deep discussion panels, podcast interviews, and studio classes.

  • Recruit volunteers for our Ambassador Program that will implement global word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Provide free access via live streaming events.

  • Create short and long term sustainability with our Divine Feminine Circle Membership

  • Educate and empower through an annual e-learning self-paced platform called Divine Feminine Circle Membership.



To Grow Internationally

VAG CON envisions a shift in cultural perspectives by rising up and celebrating the divine feminine through acceptance of women of all backgrounds. We see a gathering of soul sisters who are ready to ignite the divine feminine within us and around the world. We find new meaning to womanhood and femininity through a holistic approach by recruiting experts from the health, wellness, spiritual, business, and creative industries.



Collaborate Diverse Community

To bring together diverse women from all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious or spiritual beliefs, political and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe in the divine feminine, a sacred energy force that stands for justice, peace, unity, creativity, love, and light. It is time to raise women’s voices through education, connection, and inspiration.


Staying the Course