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Building Beloved Communities provides community-centered solutions for small businesses, delivers expert business solutions for nonprofits, and creates community-minded leaders through training and educational workshops.




Bonnie Chavez, the CEO and founder of Building Beloved Communities, worked in corporate America in the healthcare industry for 10 years and finally “made it”. She was a high-level Director at a Fortune 10 company and had a lovely paycheck but an achy conscience. When that organization underwent a merger, she was laid off, and did some real soul searching to determine what was next. Bonnie knew she wanted to help the most vulnerable people in her community. Her education, experiences and skill sets are in business. “How could I help?” was her driving question.

Bonnie spent the last four years dreaming up and operating this consulting business. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing, and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in economics. Bonnie is a proud lesbian, Latina woman who values her family, roots, heritage and culture. Her passion is to serve her community through training & educational workshops.

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Shannon N. Dominguez, Director of Operations for Building Beloved Communities, is the primary business consultant & project manager for Virginia contracts. She has experience in working with hundreds of entrepreneurs & small business owners to take their business to the next level. When she joined Building Beloved Communities in June 2021, her first project raised over $150,000 cash in 60 days & totaled over $450,000 in cash & in-kind donations in less than 90 days for a Virginia based non-project. Shannon is fluent in Spanish, excels in creating systems & procedures to maximize results, and enjoys using her creativity to find community-centered business solutions for her clients.

Shannon is a co-founder & board member of Latinas Network, a 501(c)3, and is passionate about creating a future where her children can see Latinas represented everywhere. She is also a co-founder & administrator of a Roanoke based networking group, In the Mix Networking Group, where she enjoys planning events that connect professionals in a fun & relaxed environment to maximize synergy. Shannon is eager to distinguish her life by helping to increase the success of others through the development of their business.

Building Beloved Communities started in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2018 by CEO & Founder, Bonnie Chavez. Bonnie established the business when she found herself unexpectedly unemployed after her prestigious and lucrative management position was eliminated in a business merger. She had business skills and felt a need to help her community. She had always been community-centered, believing “we all rise together,” and that “our mission should be to raise up the community we are in".

The Building Beloved Communities enterprise is multi-faceted and includes working with small businesses to help them grow and flourish, with non-profits to help them galvanize themselves to thrive, and training & educational workshops to help individuals find more satisfying careers and lifestyles.

Since 90% of their contracts are online, the headquarters moved to Roanoke, which has beautiful outdoor spaces, supports entrepreneurs, and is a tight-knit community. At about that time and unbeknownst to many, a world wide pandemic was settling in.

The CEO entered BBC into a business accelerator program & competition with the goal of networking and meeting entrepreneurs in the area. This helped BBC to understand businesses in Central Virginia. BBC gained far more from this program than they anticipated. In fact, the first employee—Shannon Dominguez, who directed the business program — was hired to be the Director of Operations.


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