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Kari DeWitt |
Health Coach Certification, Life Coach Certification, Advanced Coaching Certification, and Mastery Coaching Certification from Health Coach Institute 

Karing Transformational Coaching LLC


Kari DeWitt came out as a lesbian at age of 41 despite religious teachings that told her sexuality was confined in a box of heteronormativity.


In her journey of becoming, she studied for two years to become a life coach. She now practices as a spiritual empowerment coach for the LGBTQ+ community, specializing in working with late bloomers like herself. It is her life’s mission and soul purpose to guide and empower late bloomers on their journey as they navigate this new path to becoming the most aligned and authentic version of themselves. Kari believes that being who we are is literally our birthright.


Kari is no stranger to doing hard things. As a result, she knows how to empower her clients to transform their lives by doing hard things by dismantling their self-imposed barriers and discovering their inner truths in order to live in their most authentic expression of who they truly are.

Let’s Work Together

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