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Coochie Crystals by Kiaundra Trotter

Coochie Crystals have been used as a healing technique for thousands of years. They can come in many shapes and sizes, like eggs, wands, penises, and even shaped as vaginas. No matter the shape, they are said to hold Divine Feminine energy that will connect you with your body and spirit’s true desires.

We like to call the act of using Coochie Crystals; Pleasure practices!

It promotes healing and helps you to activate and celebrate your vaginas.

All the while using that sexual energy to ignite the fire of pleasure, intimacy, health and joy! Thus gaining the energy and potential for wisdom, life, and power that comes from your sacred space.

Coochie Crystals Personal Benefits:

•Enhances fertility

•Strengthens the reproductive system

•Balances hormones

•Boosts confidence

•Decreases stress

•Soothes Menstruation Symptoms

•Balances the Yang (masculine) energy

•Manifestation tool to enhance your life/relationships

•Heal from Sexual Trauma

The next time you go to the crystal shop it should be a breeze to find what you need. Give these crystal names and you will be directed right to them.


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