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Valarie Angle | Director of Operations & Co-Owner 

The WellNest Roanoke


Valarie Angle is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, former school administrator, and co-owner of The WellNest Roanoke, a downtown holistic hub for classes, services, and events in the small southern Virginia city. After two decades of serving young children and their families in the public education industry, she plucked her favorite aspects of collaboration, team-building, and wellness and co-created a dynamic business to empower local healing practitioners, artists, makers, and instructors to be able to offer their goods and services downtown–a space that is generally inaccessible to businesses other than restaurants and corporations. The vision of The WellNest is to make holistic wellness accessible and affordable to residents and visitors to downtown Roanoke. After only two years in business, The WellNest has over 100 holistic collaborators in their network and has already offered hundreds of classes, services, and events. 


Growing up in a very happy home with two committed parents, it was a big shock to Valarie when her first husband became addicted to the pain-killer Oxycontin and suddenly disappeared from the lives of herself and her then two-year-old son, Charlie. An even bigger blow came a few years later when her second marriage crumbled and her two youngest children found themselves living the yo-yo life between two houses. But, life's greatest lessons were only beginning and preparing Valarie for the blessings of self-transformation, spiritual awakening, and self-love. 

Let’s Work Together

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